Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 2: Sickened

10 loaded words
glued; strong like she couldn't move
twisted; shows how in pain her stomach was
scanning; kept looking, like she was worried or nervous
dangled; the time was cut short, everyone feeling very tense
flooding; showing how much she wanted to say
pinned; felt like she was trapped
growls; show how the mother talked to julie
rushing; she was trying to tell the doctor
crash; shows how what she said didn't do much because her mom was always right
devour; show how hungry she really was

I learned that Julie's grandmother had some problem as well. She would get into car accidents with Julie on purpose, therefore got her license taken away. She would babysit Julie and feed her candy that she would tell made her sick. Her and Julie's mom would then insist on taking her to the doctor. Julie went to the doctor and didn't look sick, her mom went over with her how sick she was and how she looks when shes sick, so then the doctors can give her medicine to cure her. Her dad finally took and moved the family away from her grandmother. The doctor in their new town gives her a diet because the mother described Julie as being sick to the food there.

I can't believe someone actually live through this. I can't believe the father hasn't noticed nothing is wrong with Julie and hadn't said anything. I feel so bad for Julie , she shouldn't be going through all these doctor offices and medicine when she doesn't need them.

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