Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 1: Sickened

In my book, Sickened, im reading about munchausen by proxy. I have learned that there are 1,200 new cases a year in the united states. Julie was at the doctors office and hospital for most of her childhood. She gre up in a trailor at the end of a dirt road in Ohio. Her mother was always yelling at the doctors saying that Julie needed to be cured and that there was indeed something wrong with her. She would try and try until the doctors finally did something that the mother thought helped Julie. They had her heart monitored for a while when her mother said she heard and keeps hearing her heart skip. Her father does not know about her going in and getting her chest shaved all the time so they can monitor her heart beat. Julie was yelled at by her mother when Julie was normal when she went to the doctor office, she wanted Julie to show the doctor how bad she was, but all Julie said to this was, "okay," which made her mother happy.

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